Payment date of membership contributions

For members who transfer the sum in self-payment, the amount must be effected by 31 March annually. Members whose collection authorization was cancelled and members who have not effected payment by end of June will be reminded to effect payment within a period of four weeks. Has the membership contribution not been effected by 1 October of that year, the journal ZS will not be sent to that member. In case a reminder in the following year is not followed by a payment, membership is terminated according to the Society Statutes.

Reduced membership contributions

Members without regular income who would like to make use of the reduced membership contribution are required to send in the form for reduced contributions including proof of the income situation to the Society Collector by 31 March of the respective year. Please remember to send in the completed form anew for each year the reduced membership is applicable.

Statement for reduced membership contribution

Confirmation of effected membership contributions

Confirmations on the amount of the payment of membership contributions for payments effected by collection authorization are the collection authorization notices of the respective bank. For self-payment, the deposit or tranfer receipts of the respective bank are proof. Generally, German financial authorities recognize these confirmations as proof.