1. Collection authorization (Direct debit)

In case you have a bank account in Germany, or can carry out SEPA transactions, you may give DGfS a collection authorization (payment by direct debit). Unfortunately, DGfS cannot collect money from accounts with banks outside of the SEPA area. In this case you would be required to effect payment by EU-standardized money transfer, credit card or cheque.

Download: Collection Authorisation Form

 2. EU-standardized money transfer

For members who are non-residential in Germany who have a bank account in EU it is possible to transfer the membership contribution without bank fees as EU-standardized money transfer. Please use the appropriate EU-standardized money transfer form. In case of doubt please contact your bank. Please enter the information as below into the form:

Recipient: Deutsche Gesellschaft für Sprachwissenschaft
Volksbank Tübingen
IBAN: DE68 6406 1854 0029 350000

3. Payment by credit card (Visa or Master)

Please send a completed form for crecit card payment to the Society Collector by mail no later than 31 March of the year the payment should be effected. The membership contributions include the service fee of the creditcard company.

Download: Credit card payment of annual membership contribution

4. Payment by cheque or other means of foreign bank transfer

Please enter the name of the Society Collector into the the cheque or foreign bank transfer and send this cheque to the Society Collector by 31 March of the the payment should be effected. Please add a service fee of € 6.00 for the processing of foreign bank transfers and cheques to the amount of the membership contribution.

5. Cash payment during the annual conferences

We are sorry but we no longer offer this possibility.