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Bronze Medal at the International Olympics in Linguistics

At the International Olympiad in Linguistics 2010 in Stockholm (Sweden), the German team was very successful. Jakob Park, one of four participants from Germany, won a bronze medal.

Moreover, Maximilian König and Nadine Sedlaczeck received Honourable Mentions, and Nadine Sedlaczeck received another award for the best solution of problem #3 (Blissymbolics).

The team had been trained in Berlin by André Meinunger, Uli Sauerland and Barbara Stiebels and was accompanied to and coached in Stockholm by André Meinunger (ZAS).

f.l.t.r.: N. Sedlaczek, L. Héjjas, J. Park (with medal), M. König; background: A. Meinunger

The next Olympiad will take place in 2011 in the US. More information on this year's event is available from the following website:

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