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Workshops at the Annual Conference of the German Linguistic Society 2013

The Annual Conference of the German Linguistic Society March 12-15, 2013 at the University of Potsdam will host the following workshops:

AG 1: Prosody and Information Status in Typological Perspective (Stefan Baumann, Frank Kügle)

AG 2: Information Structural Evidence in the Race for Salience (Anke Holler, Miriam Ellert)

AG 3: NP Syntax and Information Structure (Eleonore Brandner, Andreas Trotzke, Barbara Sonnenhauser, Martina Werner)

AG 4: Parenthesis and Ellipsis: Cross-Linguistic and Theoretical Perspectives (Marlies Kluck, Dennis Ott, Mark de Vries)

AG 5: The Syntax and Semantics of Pseudo-Incorporation (Olga Borik, Berit Gehrke)

AG 6: Interaktion theoretischer Primitiva in der Syntax (Anke Assmann, Doreen Georgi, Philipp Weisser)

AG 7: Usage-Based Approaches to Morphology (Amir Zeldes, Anke Lüdeling)

AG 8: Linguistic Foundations of Narration in Spoken and Sign Languages (Annika Hübl, Markus Steinbach)

AG 9: Specific Conditions in Language Acquisition (Flavia Adani, Johannes Hennies, Eva Wimmer)

AG 10: Modellierung nicht-standardisierter Schriftlichkeit (Michael Beißwenger, Stefanie Dipper, Stefan Evert, Bianka Trevisan)


AG 11: Interface Issues of Gestures and Verbal Semantics and Pragmatics (Cornelia Ebert, Hannes Rieser)

AG 12: Perspectives on Argument Alternations (Ljudmila Geist, Giorgos Spathas, Peter de Swart)

AG 13: Aspekte der Informationsstruktur für die Schule (Maria Averintseva-Klisch, Corinna Peschel)

AG 14: Workshop on the Visualization of Linguistic Patterns (Annette Hautli, Thomas Mayer)

Further details about the workshops can be found in the DGfS-Mitteilungen Nr. 73 from June 15, 2012 on. The organizers of the workshop will also send out calls for papers via the usual linguistic mailing lists.

Postersession of the SIG Computational Linguistics:

Information on the poster session of the SIG Computational Linguistics can be found at the following URL:


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