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    29. Jahrestagung der DGfS (28.2. – 2.3.2007 in Siegen)

    Studentische AG / Student Workshop

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    • here for a complete version of the contents of the Student Workshop website in pdf-format,
    • here for a html version of the program, and
    • here for a pdf document with a list of abstracts of all talks presented in the workshop.

    Kristina Henschke

    Universität Graz
    Institut für Sprachwissenschaft

    Merangasse 70

    A-8010 Graz / Österreich


    Oliver P. Kühn
    Universität Münster

    Institut für Allgemeine


    Aegidiistraße 5

    48143 Münster


    Tyko Dirksmeyer
    Universität Leipzig

    Institut für Linguistik

    Beethovenstraße 15

    04107 Leipzig




    For the second time, the Studentische Tagung Sprachwissenschaft (Students’ Conference on Linguistics; StuTS) is present at the Annual DGfS Conference with its own workshop (AG). This workshop is intended to provide a forum for the upcoming generation of yet pre-PhD linguists to discuss their research with a broader audience. Due to its different aims and structure, the workshop does not have a fixed overall topic, and is open to all theoretical approaches.


    It is being organised by the Förderverein der StuTS, a non-profit association that seeks to support young linguists and promote networking among them.


    Further information about the StuTS and this workshop is available at www.stuts.eu .
    The next StuTS will be held at the University of Bielefeld, May 16-20, 2007.


    Venue for all events:
    Room AR/B/2-2209/10