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Online registration has been closed. You can still register on site at the conference.

On-site registration (payment in cash only) as well as pick-up of conference documents and brochures for registered participants will be possible at the places and times below:

Tuesday, March, 04, 15:00-18:30 in Wilhelm-Röpke-Str. 6 (Foyer)
Wednesday, March, 05, from 08:30 (and remaining time) in the Hörsaalgebäude

Conference fee (early bird registration) & fee for the conference dinner

Members of the DGfS, with regular DGfS-fee / with income 40,00 Euro
Members of the DGfS, with reduced DGfS-fee / no income 25,00 Euro
Non-members of the DGfS, with income 60,00 Euro
Non-members of the DGfS, no income 30,00 Euro
Participation in the conference dinner 35,00 Euro

In case of late registration (after 31.01.2014) we charge an additional service fee of 5,00 Euro.

Accessibility information for disabled people

If you need a sign language interpreter, please contact us as soon as possible, and no later than 10th Feb. 2014. Conference rooms in the Hörsaalgebäude (Biegenstraße 14) are accessible for disabled people; restrooms in the building are also accessible. The Alte Universität (only first day in the morning) is not accessible, there are ca. five steps at the front door and one step inside the building; accessible toilets are not available there. The social dinner is at the Mensa Erlenring; this location is accessible, with accessible restrooms. Accessibility information concerning accommodation is available at the respective hotels. The main station in Marburg is not accessible; you will have to inquire about assistance via the Mobilitätsservice-Zentrale of DB beforehand. Buses of Stadtwerke Marburg are accessible. For further information on accessibility for disabled people, please contact Mr. Alexander Dröge.
E-Mail: alexander.droege (at) uni-marburg.de
(Please replace (at) by @ to send an e-mail.)

Last Update: March 17th 2014

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