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Theme Sessions

AG 1:
Petra Schulz, Esther Ruigendijk
Experimental and theoretical approaches to relative clauses reconciled
AG 2:
Eefje Boef, Marco Coniglio, Eva Schlachter, Tonjes Veenstra
AG 3:
Björn Wiemer, Kasper Boye, Alexander Letuchiy
Clausal complementation and (non)factivity
AG 4:
Josef Bayer, Volker Struckmeier
The Syntax and Semantics of Particles
AG 5:
Heike Behrens, Karin Madlener
Categories and Categorization in First and Second Language Acquisition [pdf]
AG 6:
Carola Trips, Richard Ingham, Achim Stein
Language in Historical Contact situations (LHC): diagnostics for grammatical replication
AG 7:
Sandra Döring, Jochen Geilfuß-Wolfgang
Probleme der syntaktischen Kategorisierung: Einzelgänger, Außenseiter und mehr
AG 8:
Dietmar Zaefferer, Roel M. Willems
Converging Evidence? Embodied Views of Basic Categories in Language and Cognition [homepage]
AG 9:
(Kurz AG)
Nanna Fuhrhop, Renata Szczepaniak
Sichtbare und hörbare Morphologie [pdf]
AG 10:
(Kurz AG)
Jörg Meibauer
AG 11:
Felix Bildhauer, Roland Schäfer
Web Data as a Challenge for Theoretical Linguistics and Corpus Design
AG 12:
Martin Haspelmath, Andreas Dufter, Aria Adli
Grammatical categories in macro- and microcomparative linguistics [homepage]
AG 13:
Leah Bauke, Erich Groat, Andreas Blümel
Labels and Roots

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