SOCIAL EVENTS on Sunday 21.08.2016

We are planning some weekend activities for you which will all take place on Sunday, August 21st. You will find brief descriptions of your possible choices below. You can participate in one activity, for which you can register here. The registration for social events and pre-ordering a mensa card closes on Sunday, August 6th. Any vacant spots left after this date will be announced in the first course week.

1. Guided Tour of Tübingen & Boat Trip

The University of Tübingen is one of the oldest traditional universities in Germany. With almost 30, 000 students and approximately 85, 000 residents, the university is omnipresent in the city and greatly influences city life. You can find parts of the university in every corner. But Tübingen is not only famous for its city-wide university life, but also for the old town and its colorful buildings, green parks and of course for its Stocherkähne (punting boats). We will take you on a guided tour through Tübingen with its famous buildings, places and life stories of people who lived here. Afterwards, we will go on a Stocherkahn and have a trip around the famous river isle in Tübingen, called the „Neckarinsel“.

2. Walking-tour to the chapel of Wurmlingen

Tübingen’s picturesque landscape is known for its many hills. While exhausting if you have to go to university by bike or to your apartment on WHO ( :-) ), the hills are amazing, on the other hand, because of the fantastic views once you reach the top. We will take you on a walking tour through the forest and vineyards to the impressive chapel of Wurmlingen, where you have an amazing view over the region. On our way back we will have refreshment at the Schwärzlocher Hof, a nice beer garden with Swabian food and Drinks.

3. Bouldering in B12-center

For those who like it even sportier, we will go to the boulder-center B12. Here you will get a brief training on safety and technique for bouldering, so you can have fun in the big boulder park in- and outdoor area. If you need a break, you can relax in the sun or have a drink or something to eat. You can rent shoes for a small fee or bring your own, but you don´t need any experience.

4. Kayaking on the Neckar - Booked out!

Tübingen’s ambience is strongly influenced by the Neckar flowing through it. It is nice to have a seat at the “Neckarfront” or take a walk on the “Neckarinsel” on sunny days. But we have planned something more exclusive with you! We will take you on a kayak trip on the Neckar. There will be two guides leading us through the softly flowing water with beautiful surroundings. If you are lucky, you can even see a kingfisher! If you have never been on a kayak before, don´t miss this opportunity. It is an easy tour especially for beginners, and you will have the help of experienced guides. A lifejacket is also included :-).