The traditional linguistic research asks what the meaning of linguistic expressions is. Newer approaches, however, draw attention to the question of how the meaning of natural language arises. The DGfS Summer School Mapping Meaning: Theory – Cognition – Variation would like to follow this new perspective by focusing on the dynamics and adaptivity of linguistic meaning. Taking up these key issues of the SFB 833, the summer school aims at providing an inspiring forum for discussing the meaning constitution of natural language from theoretically and methodologically different points of view. Internationally renowned researchers will offer a total of 18 courses, which are assigned to the three thematic areas: Theory, Cognition, and Variation.

Our 18 courses are distributed into five blocks with three to four courses each. There are four blocks each day, so one day per week is free! The timetable site provides a quick summery of blocks and courses. You can choose up to a total of 3 courses. Please note: in order to prevent time collisions, you may only choose 1 course per block. You will receive 3 ECTS Credit Points per course! The Summer School is suitable for advanced students (Ph.D. or M.A. level, advanced B.A. student)

For lecture materials and easy communication between the lecturer and the participants of each course we have set up a forum. Unfortunately, we had to close the forum. Instead, lecture materials are accessible via an alternative file hosting service; the corresponding invitation was sent to you via E-Mail.