A4: "Temporal Interpretation of Narrative Discourse: Exploring the Interaction between Prominence and Coherence" (Daniel Altshuler)

Tue 16th 9.15-10.45, Wed 17th 11.15-12.45, Thu 18th 14.15-15.45, Fri 19th 16.15-17.45, Mon 22nd 18.15-19.45, Tue 23rd 9.15-10.45, Wed 24th 11.15-12.45, Thu 25th 14.15-15.45
Room: 1.01


There are many lenses through which one can study narrative discourse. This course investigates the temporal interpretation of narrative discourse through the lense of a formal semanticist. The course will consist of a case study that addresses what I take to be the core phenomeona: (a) prominence, (b) coherence and (c) how linguistic expressions interact with (a) and (b).

At the heart of the case study is the following question: what is the meaning of the adverb ‘now’ and how does this meaning interact with the meaning of tense? We will address this question by looking at discourses of various kinds (literary, mathematical, sports, musical) and motivating an ontological distinction between events, states and times.

Lecturer: Daniel Altshuler, Hampshire College