The topic of the courses in the area Variation is the wealth of variation of natural language meaning, as it arises based on diverse historical, language-specific, social, and medial conditions. Here, the following questions are put forward:

The following courses are offered:

C1 (Remus Gergel) Anything goes in semantic change? Using data, compositionality and the interfaces towards a restrictive theory

C2 (Thomas Jügel) Perfect mapping: Typological similarities and variations of the perfect across languages

C3 (Gemma Barberà) The meaning of space in sign language: Conveying reference in a different language modality

C4 (Sally McConnell-Ginet) Meaning, society, and power

C5 (Cedric Boeckx) The descent of meaning: Primate semantics, with Modification

C6 (Christina Unger) Computational approaches to meaning