DGfS-Jahrestagung 2011

AG 11

Inner-sentential propositional pro-forms: syntactic properties and interpretative effects


Komplettes Program (pdf) (siehe auch die Programmänderungen).

AG-Leiter(innen): Koordination: Werner Frey, André Meinunger, Kerstin Schwabe

Stefan Sudhoff (Utrecht)
Correlates of object clauses in German and Dutch
Anastasia Gareyshina, Pavel Grashchenkov, Ekaterina Lyutikova & Sergei Tatevosov (Moskau)
Sentential proforms and complementation in Ossetian
Ilse Zimmermann (Potsdam)
Phonological, morphosyntactic and semantic properties of ES
Helena Trompelt (Göttingen), Katrin Axel-Tober (Tübingen) & Anke Holler (Göttingen)
Correlative Es vs. Das in German: An experimental perspective
Katrin Axel-Tober (Tübingen)
Correlation and clause integration in the history of German
David Petersson (Lund)
Embedded V2 in Swedish - two main clauses and a cataphoric pronoun
Kerstin Schwabe (ZAS Berlin)
Sentential proforms and matrix predicates
Werner Frey (ZAS Berlin)
On the ‘nominal’ character of clauses associated with a pronominal
Kálmán Dudás (Budapest)
Lexical variation in a phase-based account of the PF-realisation of propositional pro
Johan Brandtler & Valéria Molnár (Lund)
Rethinking clausal asymmetries – Propositional Pronoun Insertion in Swedish and Hungarian