DGfS-Jahrestagung 2011

AG 8

Word order variation and typology: the German middle field in a comparative and diachronic perspective

Komplettes Program (pdf)

AG-Leiter(innen): Kristine Bentzen, Roland Hinterhoelzl, Augustin Speyer, Luka Szuscich

Roland Hinterhölzl (Venice)
Introduction to scrambling
Hubert Haider (Salzburg)
On the German middle field as an OV phenomenon – in a comparative and diachronic perspective
Federica Cognola (Trento)
Long Scrambling as property of V2-languages
Andreas Blümel (Frankfurt)
Scrambling beyond base generation and movement
Anita Røreng & Marit Westergaard (Tromsø)
Word order and scrambling in double object constructions in German
Jakob Maché (FU Berlin)
How big is your Middle Field? Why directional phrases are part of the predicate complex
Kristine Bentzen (Tromsø)
Introduction to object shift
Maia Andréasson (Göteborg)
Object shift in Scandinavian languages – the role of accessibility in object placement
Augustin Speyer (Marburg)
Introduction to scrambling from a diachronic perspective
Helmut Weiß (Frankfurt)
Die Wackernagelposition im Deutschen
Rosemarie Lühr (Jena)
Zum Mittelfeld im Altfriesischen
Anna Volodina (Frankfurt)
Subject-drop im älteren Deutsch: Ein Mittelfeld-Phänomen
Dennis Ott (Harvard)
Split Scrambling
Mike Putnam & Gema Chocano (Penn State)
The A/A`-fallacy: Revisiting Webelhuth’s paradoxon
Luka Szucsich (HU Berlin)
Introduction to Slavic scrambling
Natalia Slioussar (Utrecht/St. Petersburg)
Word Order Alternations and Information Structure in Russian
Nadia Varley (Wuppertal)
Word order variation and scrambling: Dispensing with A-Scrambling as descriptive device? Evidence from TP-Inversion and EPP-checking in Russian
Šárka Zikánová (Prag)
Information Structure and Word Order in Older Czech