DGfS-Jahrestagung 2011

AG 6

Gebärdensprachliche Textlinguistik: Stand der Forschung und Perspektiven

Komplettes Program (pdf) (siehe auch die Programmänderungen).

NB: Diese AG wird komplett gedolmetscht.

AG-Leiter(innen): Martje Hansen, Jens Heßmann, Christian Rathmann

Gary Morgan (City University London)
Talking about Boys, Dogs and Frogs in the Visual Modality: Using Narrative to Study Deaf People’s Extended Sign Language
Gabrielle Hodge, Lindsay Ferrara & Trevor Johnston (Sydney)
Using Prosody and Grammar to Describe Natural Discourse in Auslan
Kearsy Cormier (UC London) & Sandra Smith (Bristol)
Defining and annotating constructed action, constructed dialogue and role shift
Els van der Kooij & Inge Zwitserlood (Nijmegen)
Typical ‘topical predicates’: one of various introducing strategies in narrative texts
Okan Kubus & Christian Rathmann (Hamburg)
Analysis of Relative Clause Constructions in Turkish Sign Language (TID) in Discourse Modes
Johanna Mesch, Anna-Lena Nilsson & Lars Wallin (Stockholm)
Backchannel signals in signers’ conversations
Rolf Halvorsen & Guri Amundsen (Trondheim)
Sign or gesture? An analysis of discourse markers in different text types
Brenda Nicodemus (San Diego)
Disfluencies in American Sign Language and English: What ‘Ums’ and ‘Uhs’ Can Tell us About Discourse and Language Production
Melanie Metzger (Gallaudet University) & Ronice Müller de Quadros (UFSC)
Cognitive control in bimodal bilingual sign language interpreters
Christian Rathmann
Anaphoric und narrative patterns of temporal interpretation in signed texts
Beppie van den Bogarde, Eveline Boers & Willem Terpstra (Utrecht)
Sign Language input to students: what and how to offer when?
Claudia Becker (Köln)
Acquisition of discourse competence in sign languages: A methodology challenge to sign language research
Simone Groeber (Neuchâtel)
Understanding social interaction with bimodal bilingual language learners: focus on turn-taking
Lorraine Leeson & John I. Saeed
Discourse Markers in the Signs of Ireland Corpus: The Function of Buoys
Silke Matthes (Hamburg)
Constructed action in an Unfamiliar Sign Language Register
Michiko Kaneko & Rachel Sutton-Spence
Different Tropes for Different Folks: ‘Style’ in BSL Poetry
Rachel Sutton-Spence (Bristol), Johanna Mesch (Stockholm) & Michiko Kaneko (Bristol)
Signed Renga: Exploration of ‘Genre’ in Creative Sign Language