DGfS-Jahrestagung 2011

AG 5

Prozesse der Textproduktion in der Schule: Strukturen und Verarbeitung aus sprachdidaktischer und psycholinguistischer Perspektive

Komplettes Program (pdf)

AG-Leiter: Guido Nottbusch, Joachim Grabowski, Jörg Jost

David Galbraith (Staffordshire)
Writing as understanding
Eva Lindgren (Umeå)
What writers say and what writers do – methods to study awareness and adaptation in school-based writing
Guido Nottbusch (Potsdam)
Syntactic complexity and semantic content in narratives of primary school children: A corpus-based approach
Veerle Baaijen (Groningen) & David Galbraith (Staffordshire)
Writing and the formulation of thought
Tanya Beelders, Luna Bergh & Johan van Zyl (South Africa)
Cognitive recall, reference points and negative prioritization in multimodal texts
Esther Breuer (Bonn, Köln)
Foreign Language Academic Writing Processes
Eva Schaeffer-Lacroix (Paris)
Foreign language text revision within a top-down and bottom-up framework. Taking keywords in context as a starting-point for language observation
Gert Rijlaarsdam, Martine Braaksma, Talita Groenendijk & Tanja Janssen (Amsterdam)
Observation as key process in writing process research and as key process in learing to write studies
Vince Connelly, Julie Dockrell, Sarah Critten & Kirsty Walter (Oxford)
Children challenged by writing: The writing difficulties of children with specific language impairment
Åsa Wengelin (Lund)
Linguistic characteristics, text production processes and text quality in texts produced by writers with reading and writing difficulties
Gudrun Ziegler & Anne Meyer (Luxembourg)
Conversational writing: insights into patterns of text production from peer-to-peer first literacy writing in German (Luxembourgish context)
Ulrich Mehlem (Bielefeld)
Functions of note taking and classroom conversation for text production in a German comprehensive school (7th grade)
Martin Steinseifer (Gießen)
Process, product, reflection – analysing routines of written discourse in university and high school using a computer-based learning environment
Michael Piotrowski & Cerstin Mahlow (Zürich)
The influence of writing tools and mechanics on text production
Victoria Johansson (Lund)
Linguistic development in speech and writing – what are the differences?
Astrid Neumann (Lüneburg)
Indicator Model of School Text Production (IMOSS): Aspects of school text production on the basis of an empirical project
Jörg Jost (Köln), Michael Becker-Mrotzek (Köln) & Joachim Grabowski (Hannover)
Subcomponents of writing literacy across different text genres performed in school