DGfS-Jahrestagung 2011

AG 2

What is a context? – Theoretical and experimental evidence

Komplettes Program (pdf)

AG-Leiter(innen): Jörg Meibauer, Petra B. Schumacher

Alexander Bergs (Osnabrück)
Context in Construction Grammar
Kristin Börjesson (Leipzig)
The Role of Context in Interpreting Implicit Meaning Aspects
Chris Cummins & Napoleon Katsos (Cambridge)
What is the speaker’s context when selecting numerically-quantified expressions? A theoretical and experimental approach.
Maria Luiza Cunha Lima (Minas Gerais), Amit Almor (South Carolina), Timothy Boiteau (South Carolina) & Pablo Arantes (Campinas State U)
The role of verbs in indefinite reference resolution
Rita Finkbeiner (Mainz)
Emergent contexts: Observations on the context-creative power of idioms
Bernhard Fisseni (Duisburg-Essen)
Not unexpected: Working on Context
Paula Rubio Fernandez (Princeton) & Bart Geurts (Nijmegen)
Common ground and false beliefs
Alison Hall (Paris)
Unarticulated constituents: content or context?
Kasia Jaszczolt (Cambridge)
Language diversity and the limits of contextualism
Udo Klein (Bielefeld)
Enriched Argument Linking - a constructionist approach
Christopher Lucas (London)
The role of context (and its limits) in the interpretation of definite noun phrases
Jörg Meibauer & Petra B. Schumacher (Mainz)
What is a context?
Ira Noveck (Lyon)
Contrastive inference and development
Kyle Rawlins (John Hopkins)
‘Even’ questions and context
Katharina J. Rohlfing & Juana Salas Poblete (Bielefeld)
Providing or reducing context via familiar and unfamiliar frames
Helge Skirl (FU Berlin)
Emergence of meaning: Contextual and cotextual influences in metaphor interpretation
Marie-Hélène Viguier (Paris)
Context, tense, and sentence meaning: Integrating context into the meaning of sentences
Thomas Weskott & Robin Hörnig (Potsdam)
What Information Structurally Marked Forms Can Tell Us About Properties of Contexts