DGfS Membership Information

Membership in DGfS

DGfS-Membership Forms

The application form consists of two parts:

  1. the actual application form
  2. the direct debit form

Please fill in and send both forms to the secretary of the society, i.e. the address given on the first page of the membership application form. 

Download: DGfS-Membership Application Form
Download: Collection Authorisation Form

Annual fees

DGfS full membership 45,- €
Additional full membership in Section Computational Linguistics (CL) 8,- €
DGfS membership 
with reduction* 20,- €
Additional membership in Section Computational Lingustics (CL) 
with reduction* 3,- €
*The reduced membership contributions is only applicable by members without or with a low income (up to 1.100 € pre-tax monthly i.e. 13.200 € annually). For further information please see 4. below on reduced membership contribution.

Payment date of membership contributions

For members who transfer the sum in self-payment, the amount must be effected by 31 March annually. Members whose collection authorization was cancelled and members who have not effected payment by end of June will be reminded to effect payment within a period of four weeks. Has the membership contribution not been effected by 1 October of that year, the journal ZS will not be sent to that member. In case a reminder in the following year is not followed by a payment, membership is terminated according to the Society Statutes.

Reduced membership contributions

Members without regular income who would like to make use of the reduced membership contribution are required to send in the form for reduced contributions including proof of the income situation to the Society Collector by 31 March of the respective year. Please remember to send in the completed form anew for each year the reduced membership is applicable.

Statement for reduced membership contribution

Confirmation of effected membership contributions

Confirmations on the amount of the payment of membership contributions for payments effected by collection authorization are the collection authorization notices of the respective bank. For self-payment, the deposit or tranfer receipts of the respective bank are proof. Generally, German financial authorities recognize these confirmations as proof.

1. Collection authorization (Direct debit)

This means of payment is obligatory for all new members residential in Germany since 1 January 2001. Payment for the journal is usually due in June/July of each year. In order to effect payment, membership contributions will be collected from the members accounts in the beginning of June, latest by Mid-June.

Download: Collection Authorisation Form

2. Money transfer/Self-payment

This means of payment can only be used by members residential without Germany and by members who have signed up in DGfS before 1 January 2001. Self-payment are required to effect payment of membership contributions by 31 March of each year onto the following account:

Deutsche Gesellschaft für Sprachwissenschaft
Volksbank Tübingen
Bank code 641 901 10
Account number 29 350 000

1. Collection authorization (Direct debit)

In case you have a bank account in Germany, you may give DGfS a collection authorization (payment by direct debit). Unfortunately, DGfS cannot collect money from accounts with banks outside of Germany. In this case you would be required to effect payment by EU-standardized money transfer, credit card or cheque.

Download: Collection Authorisation Form

 2. EU-standardized money transfer

For members who are non-residential in Germany who have a bank account in EU it is possible to transfer the membership contribution without bank fees as EU-standardized money transfer. Please use the appropriate EU-standardized money transfer form. In case of doubt please contact your bank. Please enter the information as below into the form:

Recipient: Deutsche Gesellschaft für Sprachwissenschaft
Volksbank Tübingen
IBAN: DE62 6419 0110 0029 3500 00

3. Payment by credit card (Visa or Master)

Please send a completed form for crecit card payment to the Society Collector by mail no later than 31 March of the year the payment should be effected. The membership contributions include the service fee of the creditcard company.

Download: Credit card payment of annual membership contribution

4. Payment by cheque or other means of foreign bank transfer

Please enter the name of the Society Collector into the the cheque or foreign bank transfer and send this cheque to the Society Collector by 31 March of the the payment should be effected. Please add a service fee of € 6.00 for the processing of foreign bank transfers and cheques to the amount of the membership contribution.

5. Cash payment during the annual conferences

We are sorry but we no longer offer this possibility.

Paying your membership contribution online

Please choose your type of membership:

Membership Amount  
Membership Contribution DGfS 48,- Euro (incl. 3,- Euro Fees) choose
CL-Membership Contribution DGfS 56,- Euro (incl. 3,- Euro Fees) choose
Reduced regular Contribution DGfS 23,- Euro (incl. 3,- Euro Fees) choose
Reduced CL-Contribution DGfS 26,- Euro (incl. 3,- Euro Fees)  choose
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