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Registration for this year’s DGfS Summer School open until the 01st of July


DGfS Summer School 2019

 The registration for this year’s DGfS Summer School "Experimental Pragmatics: Theory – Methods – Interfaces" is still open until the 01st of July

The DGfS Summer Schooltakes place from August 05-16 in Berlin. It is hosted by the Priority Programme 1727 XPrag.de: New Pragmatic Theories based on Experimental Evidence (SPP 1727) and the Zentrum Allgemeine Sprachwissenschaft (ZAS, Berlin).

The summer school focusses on recent developments in the challenging area of experimental pragmatics. It deals with long-standing issues in pragmatic theory and relevant interfaces alongside new, experimental ways of addressing research questions in the field. Renowned researchers from Germany, Europe and the United States will offer a total of 20 courses. The language of instruction will be English. The courses are assigned to three thematic areas – Theory, Methods, and Interfaces.

The summer school is suitable for advanced students at the Bachelor, Master, or Ph.D. level. 

Organizing committee: Uli Sauerland (ZAS Berlin, XPrag.de), Petra Schumacher (Universität zu Köln, XPrag.de), Fabienne Salfner (ZAS Berlin, XPrag.de), Pia Bergmann (Universität Jena, DGfS)

Website: https://summerschool.xprag.de/

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