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Informationen zum KONVENS 2021 PhD Day

Invitation to participate in the KONVENS 2021 PhD Day

This year's KONVENS conference (https://konvens2021.phil.hhu.de) will be accompanied by a free, fully-online, one-day satellite event on September 3rd, dedicated to PhD students and other junior members of the NLP/CL community. The PhD day is organized by Esther Seyffarth, Oliver Deck, Janis Pagel, Ronja Laarmann-Quante and Stefan Grünewald.

The goal of the KONVENS PhD day is to bring together junior members of the NLP and CL community in a professional, but accessible setting. This is your chance to get to know others in your field, get advice on how to navigate grad school and the job market, and ask all the questions you're too shy to ask your advisor or other colleagues. Particularly first-time conference attendees are highly encouraged to register for this satellite event. It is not necessary to register for KONVENS in order to participate in the PhD day.

The PhD day will take the shape of an unconference. This is an interactive format in which the participants develop the plan for the day together, and anybody can offer to host a session on a topic of their choice. Participants vote to select which sessions will be held.

You can register for free for the KONVENS 2021 PhD day at https://barcamps.eu/phd-day-konvens-2021/ . After registering, please consider posting one or more session proposals on the site, and give some votes to the existing proposals! This will help us plan the day in advance and ensure that we will have an exciting schedule on September 3rd.

Here are some of the sessions that have already been proposed for the event:
- How to make the most out of (virtual) conferences
- How to be an interdisciplinary grad student
- Advice from CL grad students with experience in industry jobs

Remember that all participants have a chance to contribute to the PhD day by offering their own sessions. If there's a topic you want to discuss that isn't covered yet, you can be the first to suggest a session on that topic! The focus of this event format is on interactive sessions. You can propose a session without being an expert in the topic – if you volunteer as moderator, you might be able to learn a lot from the discussions during the session. All session hosts will receive a certificate after the event certifying their contribution to the event.

PhD day participants are expected to follow the KONVENS Code of Conduct.

We are looking forward to spending an exciting and inspiring day with you all! If you have any questions, feel free to contact us: esther.seyffarth@hhu.de

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