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LOT Winter School 2018

Invitation to the LOT Winter School 2018 (Amsterdam, NL)

Invitation Netherlands Graduate School of Linguistics (LOT) Winter School 2018


We invite all PhD students in linguistics and related fields to participate in the 2018 LOT Winter School, which is hosted by the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam (VU) and organized with support from the Norwegian Graduate School in Linguistics (LingPhil). Professors from all across the world come to the VU to offer specialized courses in their subfield. The LOT school is now open for registrations from all PhD students in Linguistics:


LOT Winter School 2018
January 8-19, 2018
Amsterdam, the Netherlands


The focus of this edition of the Winter School is on computational and statistical methods, with courses taught by Monique Lamers (Eyetracking in Psycholinguistics), Nivja de Jong (Mixed models in Second Language Research), Natalia Levshina (Language Variation with R), Martijn Wieling (Statistics for Linguists), Signe Ebeling (Contrastive Corpus Linguistics), Emiel Krahmer & Albert Gatt (Models of Text Generation).

There will be in-depth courses on many other topics, ranging from language evolution to pathology and from gesture to sign language typology. These will be taught by Michael Dunn (Language Evolution), Scott Grimm (Quantitative Semantics), Marion Elenbaas (Historical Syntax), Antje Orgassa (Language Impairments across the life span), Luigi Rizzi (Cartography), Ruben van de Vijver (Phonetics-phonology interface), Veronika Koller (Discourse analysis), Heike Behrens (Input in First Language Acquisition), Jacomine Nortier (Aspects of Multilingualism), Alan Cienki (Spoken Language and Gesture) and Roland Pfau (Sign Language Typology).

As well as these master classes, there will be discussion groups for your own PhD research, poster sessions, a public lecture by Michael Dunn and a range of social (linguistic) events.


Registration is open until December 3rd, 2017.

More information and registration forms/instructions can be found at the Winter School website.


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